Linux Server Backup Amazon s3


Now you can download amazon backups directly to your server rather than being downloaded to local machine and uploading to the server. You can follow the steps below to achieve that.


you need to download this repo and store it in


then use yum command to download the s3cmd

yum install s3cmd 

then you will have the command called “s3cmd”

using that u can upload/download s3 backups directly via command line.

s3cmd --configure

using the above command you need to provide the access key secret keys

 s3cmd ls s3://yourbucketname 

the above command will list the backup files at tptfirst in amazon

and to download you can use

s3cmd get s3://yourbucketname/yourbackupdata.20120724.sql.bz2

to upload you can use the following command

s3cmd put yourbackupdata2012207.sql.bz2 s3://yourbucketname/yourbackupdata201207.sql.bz2 

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