Kloxo WordPress Permissions

Hello, The below is one of the fix to wordpress permissions that you are facing in your Kloxo panel. [root@server]#cd /home/user/domain [root@server]#chmod 2775 /home/user/domain -R [root@server]#chown user.apache /home/user/domain -R That’s all, now you will be able to upload plugins/themes or...

installatron install cpanel servers

Hi, Please follow the steps to install installatron in your cPanel servers. For Redhat servers. rpm -Uvh http://data1.installatron.com/installatron-plugin-cpanel-7.0.10-1.noarch.rpm For Non-Redhat distributions wget http://data1.installatron.com/installatron/installatron_setup.sh  chmod +x installatron_setup.sh ./installatron_setup.sh -f Reference : http://installatron.com/ Thank you for viewing helpinlinux.com