cpanel to cpanel transfer



You can follow the below steps to migrate websites from a cPanel server to cPanel server via whm root password.


1. Login to the control panel
username: root
password: whmrootpassword

2. Select –> Transfers –> Copy an account from another server

3. Fill the following details.
a. Remote Server Type: WHM/cPanel
b. Remote Server Address: xx.xx.xx.xx
c. Remote SSH port: 22
d. Username to Copy: (accountname)
e. Login (Select Root)
f. Root Password: sourceserverpassword

4. Select Transfer Account and wait untill the page completely loads, and you get the below output.

Restore Complete
Account Restore Complete Unlocking password for user accountname.passwd: Success.

Removing Copied Archive on remote server…. Done

Transfer Complete
Account Copy Process Complete


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