OpenVZ Command Line Reference Configuration Files




The following tutorial will help you with managing OpenVZ main node.

Commands to manage OpenVZ:
1. “vzlist” will list all the containers present in the main node.
2. “vzctl” will have alot of options like below.
vzctl enter will allow you to enter into the respective container.
vzctl restore [–dumpfile ] will allow you to restore the dump file
with the container ID.
vzctl destroy will allow you to delete the respective container.
vzctl start will allow you to start the respective container.
vzctl stop will allow you to stop the respective container.
vzctl restart will allow you to restart the respective container.
vzctl create [–ostemplate ] [–config ] will allow you to
create a container with the specified CTID OS and config file.


OpenVZ file paths:
1. All container datas,templates,dumps will be located in /vz/ by default.
2. Container OS templates are all stored in /vz/template/cache/.
3. Container datas will be stored in /vz/private/
4. Container lock files will be stored in /vz/lock/.lck

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