AWS EC2 instance resources increasing/decreasing



I have searched over the internet and actually couldn’t find a easy post that helps users to increase EC2 instance’s resources. [Note: Please take a snapshot of your instance before changing the plan, just in case if something goes wrong we can restore it where we left].


1. Login to Amazon EC2 interface and select the instance column. You will get a similar view as shown below.



2. Select the desired instance and click on Actions tab, you will get the below options. Click on stop.( yes, you need to stop the instance to change its resources.



3. You will be prompted to confirm stopping of instance.



4. Once you have stopped the instance click on Actions again, where you need to select Change Instance type(which will be disabled when the instance is running). check below.



5. Choose the instance plan to which you want to upgrade/downgrade to and apply {Note: Checking EBS-optimised will get a better IO for your instance, it costs more though).5

6. Now, start the instance, it will have the new resources as chosen.


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