Creating Amazon Relational Database Service instance


The following steps will help us create RDS instance in AWS. I personally don’t recommend having RDS unless you are building a very high database cluster environment. You can use EC2 and instance database services, Just because it costs nearly double to that of your EC2 instance and has very limited level of access. Reference: .


1. Login to Amazon Web Services and choose Services, you will have various services that are offered by Amazon  choose RDS from that, as shown below.



2. Once you clicked on it, you will be taken to a page similar to the one shown below. Choose instance tab from this.



3. Click on Launch DB instance from the page similar to the one shown below.



4. Now, you need to choose your database software preferences, I am choosing MySQL for now.



5. If you are using your server for production which requires better IO performance for read and write data, I recommend you to click “Yes, use Multi-AZ Deployment for high availability”(yes, it costs you more).



6. Now, choose/provide all the database information as shown in the image below.




7. Enable backup if you wish to, you will need to mention the database maintenance time if any, that do not overlap with the database backup time.


8. Review and launch.




Yay !!! You have  your RDS server now. You a MySQL client to connect to the database server, the hostname will be a fully qualified domain name that you can see from the instance.


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